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Is it true? Is Hugo Weaving going to voice Megatron? NO FAIR! I think I'm going to cry!

Doreen (3/26/2007, 5:45:29 AM PST)

Yes, it is true. Hugo Weaving will be voicing Megatron in the up coming feature. In additional "Transformer" news, Corey Burton will be doing the voice of Megatron in Cartoon Networks new series ... but, Peter Cullen and I will be doing our original characters respectively-for the "Transformers" action game for Activision. Oh, I almost forgot ... and I will be doing the voice of Megatron door to door on Halloween ... I love this business!!!

Frank (4/16/2007, 9:55:09 AM PST)

You are so funny, Frank! This clip of you on YouTube made me laugh so hard, I hurt myself!

Doreen (4/3/2007, 11:41:21 AM PDT)

Hey, thanks. Peter Cullen and I did 30 minutes of video for the "Transformer Game" promo folks and we were having so much fun, they hardly got a question in ... bits and pieces are getting out and there is a cut or two on YouTube and I think Activision's site may have the whole thing. Anyway, it was great getting together with my old friend and cartoon nemesis for some fun and fooling around.

Frank (4/16/2007, 10:06:40 AM PST)

Hey Frank, how are you? I'm curious: is The Totally Ridiculous 12 Days of Christmas available on a CD? Nora and I managed to get enough petition votes to get Dr. Demento to play it several years ago and we recorded it off the radio, but I've never seen it for sale anywhere!? Have a nice day!

Doreen (3/25/2007, 12:18:51 AM PST)

No, I don't believe it is ... it was on sale eons ago at Tower Records. It was only made on tapes and LP's ... man, that was a while back. There are probably a few out there somewhere!

Frank (4/16/2007, 9:42:33 AM PST)

Regarding Transformers the Movie 2 (2007), everyone says you're in it, even IMDb Pro: Transformers: Main Details Frank Welker ... Megatron (voice). I'm so confused, are you or aren't you in it? I've also attached a few fan letters for you to answer when you have some free time. You're the best! Thanks!

Doreen (2/1/2007, 4:36:37 PM PST)

Hey Dor ... As you can see by my responses [below], everything you've read at this point has been rumor and misinformation. As of this moment, to my knowledge, they have not cast Megatron and I am still very much in the running.

Frank (2/20/2007, 7:51:59 AM PST)

Hello, Mr. Welker!

You have done a great job voicing Megatron in the G1 Transformers series. I know that Peter Cullen is going to voice Optimus Prime in the new live-action movie. Are you going to participate in it? [snip] I would like to contact Peter Cullen. Do you know how?

Omeed Mirhakkak

Dear Omeed,

Thanks, I really enjoyed doing that voice and playing a villain for a change. I know I have been asked a lot about the movie, but at the present time I have not been offered any roles. That doesn't mean it's final, they are still doing voice casting. Peter Cullen is a hard man to track down, you might try some of the "Transformer" sites and see if you can get a message to him.


Hello Mr. Welker,

I am a big fan of yours and your cool characters. I have a question. How did you do the voice for Skywarp in Transformers? Thank you!


Hi Jason,

It was quite a task coming up with different voices for all the characters that I was assigned. I was doing about 5 or 6 regularly for most sessions. But to answer your question, most of the time the drawings of the characters were the best input for creating sound. When I auditioned for Wally Burr a hundred years ago ... well, it seems like a hundred years but in reality it was only twenty or so ... I was very happy to see all the mock ups, (drawings) of the characters ... I just picked out the ones I wanted to audition for and was surprised at how many I got.


I haven't any questions for you. Rather just tell you how much I appreciate all of your work. I'm a cartoon artist with desires of getting into animation. I've been a huge fan since Transformers: The Movie back when it was first released in 1986. Megatron was always my favorite (I love villains). When I saw your name at the end of the credits and all of the voices you did in the movie I flipped. I knew who Mel Blanc was growing up. But unfortunately I didn't truly appreciate what he did until after he died. The same with Daws Butler. After seeing what you did, I appreciated [what] you [do] and began my interest in voice acting. [snip] I think it's so unfair that you guys don't get enough credit [snip]. At first I didn't want to see the new Transformers Movie. After hearing that Peter Cullen was going to be in it, I changed my mind. [snip] I truly hope that you're brought back for it. No one else has been able to bring Megatron to life the way you did. I had a fit when watching the Curious George movie last year and seeing the on screen actors getting top billing when you were the voice of the star of [the film]. At this point in my life, I'm still trying to get my cartoon ideas onto the small screen. I do have a character I'd like for you to bring life to. [snip] I hope to someday meet you and work with all of you if things go well. Thanks for all of your hard work. It is truly appreciated. [snip]

Hey thanks, I appreciate all the kind words. Mel, and Daws, and Don -- talk about heavy hitters ... it was a thrill and a privilege to have worked with them all. I really don't know too much about the artist side of things, it is crazy but we come in and do our voices and zoom we are gone again. Most of the producers and writers do draw and they are a talented bunch. The old studio, Hanna Barbera, did have the artists located close to the studio so I got to see a few guys at work and it was amazing! Good luck on your career!

I'm really disappointed in the Transformer movie coming out in July. I grew up in the 80's hearing that harsh voice of Megatron. No other actor has ever put shivers in my spine from a cartoon than you. I told my wife the other day the movie won't be the same ... [snip] You and Peter were the best at your two parts!! - Invader (Proud member of the 501st Legion TR-7267 Star Garrison)

Dear Invader,

Thanks for the loyalty! Don't give up yet they haven't completely made up their minds and voices are the last thing cast. I did enjoy doing "Megs" but who knows what will happen. You can still voice your opinion on TF sites ... I guess that is how we got included in the first place from the insistence of the fans. I know both Peter and I were surprised how many people were out there pulling for us ... it worked for Peter and he will be a great addition to their project.

Hello, my name is Christopher Morales and like you I am a big fan of Mr Welker's work. I'm inquiring if I could get in touch with the man himself because I would like him to tutor me in the ways of "voice" acting as Daws Butler did for Nancy "Bart Simpson" Cartwright. Thank you and I hope to hear from you.

I have been asked to speak at classes and help folks with their voice careers and you know what ... I stink, really ... there are great people out there that do teaching and coaching for a living. Depending on what city you live in you could check around and then go for it!

Hey Frank, my name's Danny and I grew up loving the tough and eager character of Megatron. Your unique voice made that character along with Chris Latta as Starscream. I would love to get you to sign my Megatron Japanese reissue if you ever made it through Knoxville TN. Have you ever been asked to participate as a guest at our annual "Adventurecon" comic show? I would like to know if you're ever doing a show signing autographs anywhere near town. Could I please request a schedule of shows you might do if you are or ever decide to do any? Thanks!

Hi Danny,

Thanks for asking ... I have been invited, but as of yet have not attended any of the shows. I was hoping to get together with Peter one of these times and do one together. Currently, I have no plans to be on any tours but hopefully one day I can get that Japanese "reissue" signed for you!

I'm sure you're getting a lot of the Transformer letters expressing what fans feel. To say that the movie will not be what it should is an understatement if you are not the voice of Megatron. I have been looking forward to this movie for a long time and since I found out Peter Cullen will voice Prime I was overjoyed. I hope that things are set right and you bring Megatron to life. There is no other Megatron in all the eyes of fans. I'll wish for the best, and if you're not the voice, I still wish you all the best!

A big transformer fan, Shaun

Shaun, Shaun, Shaun,

You have made my day. I really do appreciate hearing from you (the fans) and it is gratifying to know that you are pulling for me. As I have mentioned in other letters, it is not over yet, as far as I know, Megatron is still being decided. I am very pleased that my pal Peter is set. He is such a great guy in addition to being a brilliant voice personality. That being said, I still wouldn't mind a little rumble with Peter and the Autobots!

Through the wonders of the Internet, I've learned that Mr. Welker is set to voice Megatron in the upcoming Transformers movie. If this is an actual fact, then please tell him congratulations from me. I cannot even try to imagine anyone who could possibly do a better job of voicing Megatron, Leader of the Decepticons than the "voice god" himself, Frank Welker. One more thing before I go. Recently, I have been thinking of getting myself a talent agent. I figured, 'If I'm going to make a career out of acting, there's no time like the present'. Wish me luck, and please ask Mr. Welker to wish me luck too.

Yours sincerely and respectfully,
Michael Kolakowski

Hi Michael,

Well, we might have the horses just a wee bit ahead of the wagon ... not your fault ... there are lots of rumors about me doing and not doing the "Transformers Movie." As of this date, 02/19/07, I have not been offered any roles. That doesn't mean that I won't be, it just means it is not decided ... as far as I know ... man am I being vague or profound ... I don't know which ... but I am confusing myself. Thank you for pulling for me, I appreciate that. As to the agent, if you are getting into the biz, yes that is a step you will need to take ... oh, and yes by all means ... good luck!

Hi Frank: Can you tell me how did Hanna-Barbera make those laser beam sounds FX back in the 1960s. Thank you.

Dr. Larry D. Gray Sr.

Dear Doc,

I haven't a clue ... but I love the question!

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions I have regarding the upcoming TF cartoon series. Do you know what the official title of the show will be? I've heard Transformers Heroes mentioned. Can you elaborate on the plot? Have you seen any concept art for the show?

The information I've been given so far was that the animation studio is Answer and Mook, that the character designs are being made by the team behind Teen Titans, that David Kaye will be voicing Optimus Prime and that the basic premise of the series is that the Transformers arrived on Earth in the future where robots are common place as humanity's servants. However the robots of Earth have a secret that may doom humanity and their unlikely Autobot saviors.

I have failed you. But my excuse is a good one ... I am not in the show! Further they haven't even offered me a visit to their studio or to sit in on a session ... of course I would make faces and rude noises at the cast since I am not one of them ... sour grapes, you say ... hmmm? Hope the show does well and turns out as you wish for all the fans. Wish I knew all the answers sorry ... I could tell you about "Curious George!"

Are you going to do any voices in the upcoming live-action TRANSFORMERS movie?

I am not really sure what's happening with the "Transformer" movie other than my talented friend Peter Cullen has been cast. Presently, I have not been offered any roles. They are doing a new series based on our old shows which neither Peter nor I were cast. I think Corey Burton is playing the new Megatron. He is a wonderful voice talent and a great guy, so it's nice to be replaced by folks you like at any rate.

Happy Holidays!

Frank (12/8/2006 9:49:54 PM PST)

Originally I thought Billy West did Nibbler's "animal noises" and you only did Nibbler's voice when he spoke in English (as Lord Nibbler), but after discussing it with some fellow fans, I now think you've always been Nibbler ALL THE TIME. I know you're credited as Nibbler for the upcoming Futurama thingy, but I'd really like you to tell me what the skinny is regarding old episodes. Thanks a million! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Frank!

Doreen (11/20/2006 9:29:10 PM PST)

Hello Doreen,

Yes, I did both vocals and the Nibbler noises on the original shows. I also went in to do some of the new shows and I think I did four. You never know in this business why or for what reasons decisions are made but if Billy is doing Nibbler now I am sure he is doing a fabulous job. He does nearly every voice in the show as it is ... he is wonderful along with Maurice and the rest of that silly bunch. It has been some time since I have heard from them so it could be I am out ... I honestly don't know. Hope that answers the question.

Frank (12/8/2006 9:56:27 PM PST)

[Would you] ask Frank how he & the Sound FX guys made the mechanical Sound of Soundwave from Transformers? What kind of sound tools/filters did they use and did he do anything to add to it or or did he talk "normal" while recording[?] Frank along with Don Messick, Mark Hamill & Mel Blanc are some of my favorite voice actors and [I] always wanted to be like them. Anyways, thank you for your time.

Todd Sellers (8/19/2006, 2:42:18 AM PDT)


Dear Todd,

Thanks for your question. Actually the voice of Soundwave is a core voice I use for big nasty sounding dudes. It is the same voice I used as the Cave of Wonders in "Aladdin" and Dr. Claw in "Inspector Gadget." For Soundwave, they took that deep voice and did their studio magic, our great engineer Scott Brownlee would be the guy.

Your favorite list is a good one. I had the privilege of working with Don Messick for a lot of years. He was the epitome of professionalism.

Good luck Todd,

Frank (9/15/2006, 6:38:31 AM PDT)


Hi, Frank!

I've got a question for you ... how come that Chris dude is "allowed to" sound so much like you (Bunjee, etc.) in that new Disney movie, Lilo and Stitch? I know he's the writer/director, but I think YOU should have been Stitch!!! Are you in it? Thanks, Frank! Take it easy!

Doreen Mulman (06/26/2002, 12:37:00 PM PDT)


You are not the only one. I have been getting a lot of people inquiring about my new movie. I guess it is a back handed compliment. I have always tried to never do anyone else's voice or characters in any way shape or form unless the actor who created the voice is no longer available. I think Chris must have grown up watching "Slimer," the "Shmoo" and "Bunjee" and doesn't realize I'm still making my living doing voices.

The "Stitch" voice has been one of my core voices for as far back as I can remember. I am glad Chris does do the dialog in his own voice.

They are doing a sequel, maybe they will give me a part in the feature ... or a chance to audition?!?

Thanks for your note,
Frank (07/07/2002, 6:40:54 PM PDT)


Don't you find it hard to fathom that Frank would even have to audition for anything?


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