The Official Tara Strong
Constantly Growing Filmography

Check LEAD and PRINCIPAL roles before writing to report missing cartoons!


Black Mask - (1999, English Dub) "additional voices"
Starring Jet Li, originally titled "Hak hap" when released in Malaysia, Dec. 1996, in Cantonese.

Sabrina Down Under - (1999, TV) "Gwen"
Gwen teams up with Sabrina once again in this wacky mermaid caper.

Sabrina Goes To Rome - (1998, TV) "Gwen"
Gwen spends her Roman holiday searching for her "Prince Charming."

National Lampoon's Senior Trip - (1995) "Carla Morgan" New Line Cinema

Skin Deep - (1994) ""

Married To It - (1993) "student in pageant" (singer/dancer) Orion

Family Pictures - (1993, TV) "Sarah (ages 17-30)" Enright/Power

Sadness of the Moon - "" Daruma Pictures

Octagon Love - "Katy" EFC

Thicker Than Blood: The Larry McLinden Story - (1994, TV) "Tina (at age 16)"

Reform School Girl - (1994) "Lily" Showtime

A Town Torn Apart - (1992, TV) "Vida Sparrows"
a.k.a. Doc: The Dennis Littky Story

The Long Road Home - (1989) "Reesa"- Feature Film

Desiree's Wish - (198?) "waitress" Producer Series



The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning - (2008) "Ariel's sisters"

Peter Pan III - (2007) "Coral the Mermaid"

TMNT - (2007) "" Tara forgot her character names, she'll send them soon.

Garfield's A Tale of Two Kitties - (2006) "Mrs E"

Hoodwinked - (2005) "Zorra"

Proud Family Movie - (2005) "Bebe/Cece/Puff"

Batman vs. Dracula - (2005) "Vicki Vale"

Fairly OddParents - School's Out! The Musical - (2005) "Timmy Turner"

Van Helsing: The London Assignment - (2004) "Young Victoria"

Comic Book: The Movie - (2004) "Hotel Maid"

Creepy Freaks - (2004) "Lucas"

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman - (2004) "Barbara Gordon"

The Toy Warrior - (2004) ""

Dinotopia: Curse of the Ruby Sunstone - (2004) "Mara"

101 Dalmatians II - Patch's London Adventure - (2003) ""

Rugrats Go Wild - (2003) "Dil Pickles"
Available on VHS & DVD on December 16, 2003.

The Animatrix - (2003) "Crew Woman" (Final Flight of the Osiris),
"Nurse" (World Record), "Misha" (The Beyond)

Spirited Away - (2002) "B, the baby (English Dub)"
The highest grossing film in Japanese box-office history (more than $234 million), Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away (Sen To Chihiro Kamikakushi) is a dazzling film that reasserts the power of drawn animation to create fantasy worlds.

The Powerpuff Girls Movie - (2002) "Bubbles"
The prologue to every Powerpuff Girls show explains how the perky threesome were created in Professor Utonium's lab--by a combination of sugar, spice, and everything nice, along with an accidental dash of Chemical X.

Hunchback of Notre Dame II - (2002) "various"
Most of the original characters from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame--plus a few new ones--return for this animated sequel.

Tom & Jerry: The Magic Ring - (2002) "Nibbles"
The world's favorite cat and mouse team bounds back into action in an all-new full-length animated adventure certain to cast its spell over the entire family!

The Wild Thornberrys Movie - (2002) "Schoolgirl"

Tarzan & Jane - (2002) "Hazel"
As Tarzan and Jane's one-year marriage anniversary approaches, Jane searches the jungle for the perfect gift for Tarzan. Tara voices "Hazel," a role she also plays on the Tarzan TV series.

Ice Age - (2002) "Roshan/Start"
The DVD includes a new animated short, entitled 'Scrat's Missing Adventure.'

Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker - (2000) "Batgirl" (flashback)

Rugrats in Paris - (2000) "Dil Pickles"
The second theatrical film from the popular TV show is even better than the original surprise hit.

Princess Mononoke - (2000, English Dub) "additional voices"
Princess Mononoke represents an auspicious next step for Hayao Miyazaki whose painterly style, vivid character design, and stylized approach to storytelling take ambitious, evolutionary steps. Tara Strong performs many "additional voices," including Ashitaka's little sister "Kia" and some of the brothel girls.

The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea - (2000) "Melody"
Tara shines in her "dream role" as Ariel's daughter, Melody, in this sequel to Disney's landmark animated feature, The Little Mermaid.

The Rugrats Movie - (1998) "Dylan Prescott Pickles"
The first theatrical film from the popular Nickelodeon TV series became the surprise hit of the 1998 holiday box-office crunch, trouncing the highly competitive kids market.

Scooby Doo On Zombie Island - (1998) "Lena DuPrais"
Tara Charendoff, Scooby-Doo Villainess!



The Bad Girls Club - (2007) Voice (Narrator, Season 2) Oxygen

Take Home Chef - (2006) episode #166 "Tara S." (Herself)

Touched By An Angel - (1999) "girl with ouija board"
(episode: "The Occupant") (as Tara Strong)

Can of Worms- (1999) "Lula" (voice)

Candid Camera - (1998) "unborn baby" (voice)

Puppies Present: Incredible Animal Tales - (1998) "pup" (voice)

3rd Rock from the Sun - (1996) "exercise lady" (voice)
(episode: "My Mother is an Alien") Carsey-Werner

Maybe this Time - (1995) "Emily" Michael Jacobs/Disney

Party of Five - (1994) "Lorna" Fox

Missing Treasures - "Shelly" Missing Treasures Prod. Inc.

Heart of Courage - "Donna Charter"

The Judge - "Millie Waters"
(episode: "The Wild Thing") Variety Artists Productions

Ready or Not - (1993) "Jackie" Global

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues - (1992) "Elizabeth"
(episode: "Secret Place") Warner Bros.

Forever Knight - (11/10/1992) "Wannabe" Nick Knight Productions

Katts And Dog - (1989) Principal ""
(episode: "Kids Just Want to Have Fun") Katz. Prod.

Top Cops - "Marla" Dome

AidScare/AidsCare - "Announcer/Lead Host" CBC

Mosquito Lake - (1987) Lead "Tara Harrison" CBC

Street Legal - (1986) "Angela" CBC

Brainstorm - Lead "" TVO

E.N.G. - Principal "" CBC

Dog House- Principal "" YTV PGI

The Campbells- Principal "" Settle Prod.

T and T - Principal "Sydney"
(episode: "Junkyard Blues") N.P.L. LTD./Nelvana



The Save-Ums - (2008) "Jazzi"

Sushi Pack - (2007) "Maguro"

Transformers Animated - (2007) "Sari/Starscream clone/Teletran-1
Mayor Edsel's Aide/Daniel/Carly/Slo-Mo/Receptionist Bot"

Chowder - (2007) "Truffles"

Ben 10 - (2006) "Ben Tennyson/Upgrade/Various"

The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide - (2006) "Timmy Turner"

The Buzz On Maggie - (2005) "Dawn Swatworthy"

The Life and Times of Juniper Lee - (2005) "Roger"

Playhouse Disney (Clay) - (2004) "Page" (Page's Word of the Day)

Drawn Together - (2004) "Toot Braunstein/Princess Clara"

The Infinite Darcy - (2004) "Wendy"

The Fairly OddParents: Channel Chasers - (2004) "Young Timmy
Turner/Paula Poundcake/Vicky and Tootie's Mom/Others"

The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour - (2004) "Timmy Turner"

All Grown Up - (2003) "Dil Pickles"

Xiaolin Showdown - (2003) "Omi"

The Curly Tales of Piggley Winks - (2003) "Dannan/Molly Winks"

Teen Titans - (2003) "Raven/Elasti-Girl/Kitten"

Gotham Girls - (2002) "Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)"

Fillmore! - (2002) "Ingrid Third" Disney/ABCKids

Rugrats' All Grown Up - (2001) "Dil Pickles" Special

Rugrats' Still Babies After All These Years - (2001) "Dil Pickles"

Da Mb - (2001) "Tara Byron" ABC Family Channel

Proud Family - (2001) "Bebe & Cece Proud, and the dog Puff"

Cartoon Cartoon Fridays - (2000) "Bubbles"

The Fairly Oddparents - (2000) "Timmy Turner" Nickelodeon

Kids From Room 402 - (1999) "Penny Grant" & "Sanjay" Fox Family Channel

Detention - (1999) "Shareena Wickett" Warner Bros.

Stevie Stardust - (1999) "Stevie Stardust"

Rugrats - (1998) "Dil Pickles" Nickelodeon Series

Powerpuff Girls - (1998) "Bubbles" Hanna Barbera

Batman: The Animated Series - (1997) "Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)" Warner Bros.

Extreme Ghostbusters - (1997) "Kylie Griffin" Adelaide (Sony/Columbia-Tristar)

101 Dalmatians: The Series - (1996) "Spot/Two-Tone/Peeps/Vendella" Disney

Gadget Boy & Heather - (1995) "Heather" DIC

Little Bear - "Tu-tu" Nelvana

Garbage Pail Kids - (1989) "Patty Putty"

Beetlejuice - (1989) "Clare Brewster/Bertha/Little Miss Warden" Nelvana

Piggsburg Pigs - "Dotty, Prissy" Ruby Spears

Super Mario Bros 3 - "Hip Koopa" & "Hop Koopa" DIC

Maxie's World - (1989) "Carly" DIC

Babar - (1989) HBO "young Celeste" Nelvana

Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater - (1987 on CBS) "Hello Kitty" DIC

Here's How - "Host/Mouse" TV Ontario



Curious George - (2007) "Various/Airport Ticket Clerk"

Bah Humduck!: A Looney Tunes Christmas - (2006) "Priscilla Pig/House Mother"

Legion of Super-Heroes - (2006) "Alexis"

My Gym Partner's a Monkey - (2005) "Adam"

The Legend of Frosty the Snowman - (2005) "Sara Simple"

Jake Long: the American Dragon - (2005) "The Oracle Twins"

Camp Lazlo - (2005) "various guest spots"

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends - (2004) "Terrence"

Danny Phantom - (2004) "Ember/Spectra (Penelope Specter)"

Duck Dodgers - (2003) "Katma-Tui/Ozmo"

Lilo & Stitch: The Series - (2003) Stitch's girlfriend, "Angel"

Gotham Girls - (2002) "Elizabeth Styles"

Codename: Kids Next Door - (2002)
"Various/Mushi Sanban (Numbuh 3's sister)"

What's New Scooby-Doo? - (2002) "Terry/Joe"
(ep: "Roller Ghoster Ride") KidsWB

Ozzy & Drix - (2002) "" KidsWB

Kim Possible - (2002) "Britina/Tara/Joss Possible/Various" Zoog Disney

Justice League - (2001) "Sara"

The Legend of Tarzan - (2001) "Hazel"

Samurai Jack - (2001) "Little Girl/Lady 2/Girl 1"

Totally Spies - (2001) "Honeybees"

Lloyd in Space - (2000) "Cindy" Disney

The Wild Thornberrys - (2000) "Little Boy"
(ep: "The Legend of Ha Long Bay") Nick

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command - (2000) "Bonnie Lepton"
(ep: "Eye of the Tempest") Disney/Pixar (as Tara Charendoff)

Clerks - (2000) "Giggling Girls" Miramax TV /Touchstone TV

The Weekenders - (2000) "Candy/Christy" Disney

Cow and Chicken - (1999, 2000) "various"

Family Guy - (1999) "Janet/Eliza Pinchley/Cindy/Hispanic Reporter Maria Jimenez/Meg's singing voice/Japanese Tiny Show Girl/Meg's Various Friends/The Olsen Twins/Girl from the Ring Tape/Various

Recess - (1999) "Little Becky Benson" Disney

Oh Yeah! Cartoons- (1999)
Ask Edward- (part of Oh Yeah! Cartoons)
Mina And The Count- (part of Oh Yeah! Cartoons) "Mina"
(also "Martha" in ep: "Frankenfrog")

Tekkaman Blade II - (1998) "Yumi Francois/Tekkaman Hyver"
Ten years have passed since the original series: Teknoman to fans of the U.S. TV series: and
a new generation of Tekkaman must confront a powerful enemy while rebuilding their forces.

Pepper Ann - (1998) "Brenda" - Disney

Angry Beavers - (1997) "Nurse Trudy" (episode: Fakin' It)

Channel Umptee 3 - (1997)""

King of the Hill - (1997) "Soccer Mom/Billy/James"
(3 episodes) 20th Century Fox

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective - (1996) "Son/Daughter" Nelvana

Quack Pack - (1996) "Susie McIder" Disney

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest - (1996)
"Irina Kafka" (episode: "The Haunted Sonata") and
"Kazrina" (episode: "Ice Will Burn") Hanna Barbera

Sailor Moon - (1995) "" DIC (English Dub)
"I wasn't Sailor [Moon] but I did some episodes ... can't remember who."
-Tara Strong, 3/13/2007 7:16:39 PM PDT

Adventures From The Book of Virtues - "Little Girl"
(Compassion: "Legend of the Dipper") PBS

Tales From The Cryptkeeper - (1993) "Jenny Lawson" Nelvana

The Busy World Of Richard Scarry - (1993) ""

X-Men - (1992) "Ilyana Rasputin"

Rugrats - (1991) "Timmy/Teddy McNulty"
(episode: The 'Lympics) Klasky Csupo

Rupert the Bear - "Frances" Nelvana

Wish Kids - "" USA Network

Care Bears - "Carol/Rebecca/Anna" Nelvana

Madeline - (1988, HBO special) "Madeline's Friend, Cloe" DIC

My Pet Monster - (1987-1988 on ABC) "Amie" Nelvana

Alf Tales - ""

Raccoons - "" Evergreen Productions

Healthspells - "" Nelvana

Clifford the Dog - "" Nelvana

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - "Mary Jane Smedley" ABC/DIC

Pro Stars - "Laura" FOX

Sylvanian Family - "Bridget"



A Christmas Carol - Principal "Belinda" YPT

The Music Man - Principal "Gracie" Limelight Dinner Theater

A Night Of Stars - "" TJT

Abi Men Zeyt Zich (Good To See You) - "" TJT

Hello Tel-Aviv - "" Toronto Jewish Theater




L.A. Gear

J.C. Penney


Connecticut Tourism

Wild America

Payless Shoes

Items below may or may not feature Tara and are randomly generated by


Blue Dragon- "Kluke"

Justice League Heroes- "Super Girl"

Chicken Little- ""

Metal Gear Portable Ops- "Elisa/Ursula"

Kingdom Hearts 2- "Rikku"

Tribes: Vengeance- "Julia"

Psychonauts- "Sheegor"

Jak X: Combat Racing- "Keira"

Jak 3- "Keira"

Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bse- "Sakura Mizrahi"

FOP: Shadow Showdown- "Timmy"

FOP: Breakin da Rules- "Timmy"

Tales of Symphonia- "Presea Combatir/Corrine"

Shrek 2- "Li'l Red/Fairy"

Ninja Gaiden- (English version) "Rachel"

Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest

Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu- "Batgirl"


Final Fantasy X-2- "Rikku"

The PpGs: Chemical X-Traction- "Bubbles"

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4- ""

Whacked- "Lucy"

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3- ""

Final Fantasy X- "Rikku"

Icewind Dale- "Yxunomei"

Orphen: Scion of Sorcery- "Mar"

Sacrifice- ""

Little Mermaid II- "Melody"

Batman: Vengeance- "Batgirl/Barbara"

Redneck Rampage Rides Again- "Daisy Mae"


Pixel Chix

Divastarz "Miranda"

Superhero "Bubbles"

Hiccupping "Dil"

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Melissa Joan Hart and Tara Charendoff
Melissa Joan Hart, Tara Charendoff
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
"Good Will Haunting" October 1998
Tara's "a real doll" in this spooky Halloween episode.
Tara Charendoff as "Molly Dolly" (VO) Listen: mp3

3rd Rock From The Sun
"My Mother Is An Alien" November 1996
Sally looks after Mrs Dubcek's grandchild while she is in hospital.Sally becomes attached to him and decides to keep him when Mrs Dubcek returns. Dick looks after Mary's fish, and buys another fish which eats them all.
Tara Charendoff as "Exercise Lady" (VO) Listen: mp3_wav

Forever Knight
"Dying For Fame" November 1992
Pop star Rebecca has a new hit video in which she kills off her fans. When a fan's body is found in her hotel room is it life imitating art or just another imitator?
Additional Cast: Tara Charendoff

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