The Official Tara Strong Interview
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: When is your birthday? What sign are you?
Tara: February 12th; I'm an Aquarius.

Q: What was the first voice role you ever did?
Tara: I started my career in Toronto, Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater was the first show I did. My agent submitted me when I was thirteen for Hello Kitty, and I booked the title role right out of the gate.

Q: Do you have any recent projects you can tell us about?
Tara: There's a new show on CN, called CHOWDER, that I really love. It is so funny and crazy & I absolutely love my character, Truffles. TRANSFORMERS came out shortly after the movie release and I play the only regular girl character, Sari. She's not a transformer ... just a little girl! I'm also Maguro on SUSHI PACK, a cute show on CBS's KEWLopolis.

Q: What was your most defining moment in your career?
Tara: One of my first jobs in L.A. was "Spot" in 101 Dalmatians. Nobody knew who I was and when I opened my mouth, a room filled with voice over greats were in shock. Everyone came over to me to say I blew them away, that felt amazing.

Q: What is it like to work as a voice actor?
Tara: I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I have fun and get to play with extremely talented people every single day.

Q: Did you have to go to college to learn to do voice over?
Tara: Unfortunately, there are no voice-over colleges, but I highly recommend all sorts of classes, especially acting, scene study and improv. I took improv classes at The Second City in Toronto. Of course, I also highly recommend our on-line voice class at

Q: What type of daily schedule or normal routine do you have?
Tara: There is no "normal" and I often don't find out my schedule until the day before. Sometimes it's 9am-1pm at WB for an animated show, 1:30pm auditions, then 2pm-5pm for another gig. Lately, my routine is: wake up, take care of the kids & dogs, drop off my son at school, hit my workout and then various voice jobs.

Q: How long does it take to record a 30 minute cartoon show?
Tara: It depends on how many lines you have. If you only have a couple, they might do yours first so you can leave. They can never hold you longer than four hours (SAG has rules against it).

Q: How do you get the roles or jobs?
Tara: I have an agent and I do auditions. If you REALLY have the passion, not if you want to "dabble," try to get into some voice workshops and classes, put together a demo and send it off to some reputable agents.

Q: Could you describe the typical voice audition process?
Tara: Mostly it is one-on-one with the director. If they choose to have callbacks, you may have many producers joining in. You are given a brief character description and a small piece of the script. You try one version first then try again with some changes. You might do this a few times or you might feel good about the first take and use it.

Q: Is voice work difficult?
Tara: I don't find it hard. For the most part it comes very natural to me. I try to liken it to an artist sketching. It does get tedious if there's a lot of screaming, or highly active games.

Q: Do you ever get a sore throat when you act?
Tara: Only when there's a lot of screaming or when voicing large video games.

Q: Is doing voice-over lucrative?
Tara: If you work steadily it can be very rewarding, but there is only a very small group who work consistently.

Q: Are you an animation fan or does your work take some of the magic away?
Tara: I sometimes cry at cartoon movies... that I'm in! I love what I do in every aspect.

Q: Who has been the most gratifying character you have provided a voice for?
Tara: Definitely Melody in "The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea." I don’t know what little girl’s dream was not to be the Little Mermaid.

Q: Is it different to do a cartoon voice versus a video-game voice?
Tara: Very different. We dub Final Fantasy and have to follow time codes. In animation, we can be much more creative as we are voicing characters organically from scratch.

Q: Are there any new games coming out in which I should listen for you?
Tara: One of the newer games is "Lost Odyssey." I play Seth. Right now, I don't know anything about future games. I rarely do games now; it's hard to fit it into my schedule.

Q: I thought I heard you in a commercial for Payless Shoes. Did I?
Tara: Yes, I also do commercial work from time to time.

Q: Where did you meet your husband, Craig Strong?
Tara: At a fundraiser party hosted by Sharon Stone's sister.

Q: Does working in voice over make it harder to spend time with your children?
Tara: My job is very baby friendly, I bring my kids to the studios a lot.

Q: Do you have any advice for people trying to break into the biz?
Tara: Follow your heart and don't let insecurities stop you from doing what you want. Stay real to yourself and to others.

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