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Vid Caps from Holidays DVD 2004


Happy Holidays 2004
The response to the recently posted Family Photo Album was so strong that I just added another sweet winter treat: A bunch of heart-warming screen grabs from the 'Happy Holidays 2004' DVD that Craig made for his and Tara's family and friends.

2004 Family Photo Album


For Everyone Who Asked ...
Craig has supplied TOTS with a bunch of new photographs and we hope you'll enjoy The Strong Family Photo Album 2004, which features Tara in the delivery room, the family at home, and Tara and Sammy playing in a pumpkin patch in October.

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Birth Announcement from Tara: It's Another Boy!
Hope all is well, just wanted to say hi and tell you about our new little one. Aden Joshua Strong was born at 7:57 am, Wednesday, August 25, 2004 -- weighing 7lbs, 8oz and 19 inches long!   We are all good, but very tired!   --Tara (08/29/04)



Bully for Tara!
Listen for Tara as Mac's bully brother, Terrence, on the wildly imaginative Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, on Cartoon Network, Fridays at 7:00 & 10:30 PM.

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If you are having problems reaching this site via, you can also use: I don't know what the trouble is, perhaps it's Internet congestion or our URL forwarding service experiencing some downtime.

Tara in the NY Times!


New York Times
An article about Tara was published in the 08/15/2004 edition of the New York Times! In addition to revealing when her second child is due, there's also a cute photo of a very pregnant Tara!  Please click here to read Tara's Times article!

Working Mother Cover Girl! Click for Medium-Sized Image


Working Mother Magazine
Tara is on the cover of the July/August 2004 issue of Working Mother Magazine. TOTS was supplied with a pretty hefty .doc file (1.03 MB), so for modem users,
we spilt the file into two .jpgs: the cover (218 KB) and the article (268 KB).

TOTS' Teen Titans Multimedia Page


Teen Titans
01/08/2004: I just found out that the Teen Titans theme song is available on CD!
Check out Nice by Puffy Amiyumi (track 12). If you want to hear it first, an .mp3
of the theme (and much more!) is available on our Teen Titans Multimedia Page.

Tara is OMI (XS) and RAVEN (TT)


Two Great Shows on The WB
DON'T MISS Xiaolin Showdown, and fan-fave Teen Titans, Saturday mornings on KidsWB! Tara voices a really cute little boy named Omi on Xiaolin Showdown. It's a great show! Be sure to check your local listings and set your VCRs!

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Tara stars as Bubbles in the PpG movie


"And so, once again, the day is saved thanks to The Powerpuff Girls!" [.WAV]
"And so, once again, the day is saved thanks to The Powerpuff Girls!" [.MP3]

-Tara Strong as Bubbles delivering the final tagline in The Powerpuff Girls episode: "Criss Cross Crisis." [Submitted to TOTS by Homer P. Taguiwalo]

Danny Phans
I just found out that Ember, a character Tara voiced on Danny Phantom has quite a fan following! By the way, Tara only provides Ember's SPEAKING voice and does NOT do her SINGING. Most of the following information about Tara's Danny Phantom characters is from Ember (episode: "Fanning the Flames") - Ember is a hard-rocking ghost girl that feeds off of idol worship of teens to become more powerful. She uses her voice to put teens under her spell. Spectra (episode: "My Brother's Keeper") - Penelope Spectre feeds off of teen misery to protect her youth. The more
teen misery she takes in, the longer she will look young.

Gadget Boy and Heather DVD - Click for Larger Image


Although it was only meant to be a Summer 2004 promotion, there are still boxes of cereal in some stores that are packaged with a DIC DVD. If you've never heard Tara (credited as Tara Charendoff) as Heather, you now can in an episode of Gadget Boy called "Double, Double, Toil, And Dabble." The DVD also includes an episode of Inspector Gadget called "The Coo Coo Clock Caper." I've seen the DVD for sale on eBay (cereal not included), so you probably could also get one there.



What could be a cooler gift, for a fan of Tara's career, than owning Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater on DVD? Not only is it an adorable show, it was also Tara's very first voice-over role, and even so, she already performed like a seasoned professional! If you have never seen these classic cartoons, you'll be impressed, not only with Tara, but also with how clever and ingenius the writing is. If you are familiar with the show, you already know how entertaining it is, and wouldn't it be nice to have them on DVD?

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Bubbles' Powerpuff Poster Parlor

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