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Princess Clara - Click for Larger Image


Drawn Together - Season Three
DT, Comedy Central's adult animated series has been picked up for a third season. Its hilarious first season is now available on DVD. Tara has two roles, Princess Clara (left) and Toot Braunstein (right). [Pics]


Toot Braunstein - Click for Larger Image

Link to Batman Vs Dracula


Batman Vs Dracula
The newly released DVD, Batman Vs Dracula reunites Tara Strong (Kylie) with her former Extreme Ghostbusters castmate, Rino Romano (Eduardo). Tara's the new voice of Vickie Vale, and Rino continues his very popular role as Batman.


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Teen Titans Cancelled
Teen Titans fans! Tara has just confirmed that the rumors are true. Write to CN and tell them that you want Teen Titans to stay in production! Send a postcard or letter to: Cartoon Network 1050 Techwood Dr, Atlanta, GA 30318. Thanks! []


Dawn Swatworthy of The Buzz on Maggie


The Latest Buzz
Tara stars as Dawn Swatworthy (Maggie's nemesis) in The Buzz on Maggie, which now airs at 8:30 am Saturday mornings on ABC. Disney's official site is full of fun stuff and there's show info, plus MSN icons and AIM icons here @ TOTS.


Happy Birthday, Aden!


Happy Birthday, Aden!
Tara's youngest son, Aden, turned 1 on 08/25/2005. She was very touched that so many fans remembered his birthday! Sammy is well, too, and a little birdy (Tweet!) told me his favorite shows are Spiderman, The Fairly Oddparents and Jakers!



Xiaolin Showdown Toys
In Spring 2006, Toy Play (a division of The Betesh Group) will launch a new line of Xiaolin Showdown action figures, collectibles, role-playing games and more, further immortalizing Tara's character Omi.


Ben 10 (Placeholder Pic)


CN will debut Ben 10 in 2006
Cartoon Network US has announced that it will air the action series Ben 10 next year. In the show the main protagonist is a 10-year-old boy who has the power to transform into ten superheroes. Tara Strong provides the voice of Ben. [more]


Page (Click for Larger Image)


Tara's Word of The Day
Tara can be heard as Page on Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney and on their site: Playhouse Disney > Clay > Page's Word of The Day. This cute show is for preschool tots, who are destined to become Tara's newest and youngest fans!


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Danny Phantom
I've recently gotten a ton of requests for information and pics of Ember and Spectra, so I have posted a new Danny Phantom page. I've also added a bunch of MSN icons and AIM icons of both characters.



Link to Photo to Print


Photo to Print
Tara just sent me a beautiful new photo on 08/26/2005 that you have, by now, seen in various sizes and places on TOTS. I have also uploaded a huge copy
that can be printed out. Decorate your room or mail it to Tara for an autograph.


Link to Raven Print-Out 02


Five More Pics
Here are a few autographed pictures to print out for your Tara Strong scrapbook! The first three are of Raven: 01, 02 and 03.  There's also one of Dil. Finally, say "So long!" to summer with this pic of Bubbles.


Link to Bubbles Print-Out

Link to Spirited Away Cast Photo


Photo Replaced
Finally got a new Spirited Away cast photo to replace the blurry one that's been on TOTS for far too long! Also made AIM and MSN icons of Tara's character, Boh, in addition to several others, including some icons sent in by Tara's talented fans!


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San Diego Comic-Con 2005
Tara Strong and the cast of Teen Titans appeared at the San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, July 16. Click here for the full details! You can also check out the Con's site for more about the other events.


Anime Overdose Convention


Anime Overdose 2005
Tara Strong appeared at the Anime Overdose 2005 convention in San Francisco, March 4-6. Oscar Cwajbaum attended the event and was kind enough to post pics and videos from Tara's panel on his website.


Tara at Anime Overdose

Tara at The March of the Living Dinner


March of the Living Dinner
Tara was involved in the March of the Living dinner honoring Governor Schwarzenegger at the Beverly Hilton on 2/10/05. Visit TOTS' MOTL Page for links to videoclips, pics and more from the inspiring evening.


March of the Living

March of the Living


Lay Down Your Arms
Paul Rudoff has created an .mp3 version of Tara's recent performance of Lay Down Your Arms at The March of the Living Dinner for use on your portable MP3 player or to burn to a CD. [.mp3, 3.96Mb] [Lyrics]


Tara Performing 'Lay Down Your Arms' at The March of the Living Dinner

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