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Curtis Stone's Bio


TLC recently aired episode 166 of the Take Home Chef, which was shot at The Strong's house! Curtis Stone made dinner for Tara, Craig and the boys. Here's the recipes for what they ate. Yum! Tara said it was a very cute show and I'm hoping a fan will mail a copy to TOTS!



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Pixel Chix
Tara lends her voice to a new girls toy called Pixel Chix. Tara's voice is prominently featured on Mattel's Australian Pixel Chix website and is also used in a downloadable desktop buddy on the Chix Fun page.


Mattel's Australian Pixel Chix TV Commercials

Tara's MySpace Profile


Tara's MySpace Page
I am hoping everyone will come join Tara's Friends List, so I can do away with our old email newsletter (which is constantly spammed). Check it out and don't forget to join my friends, too (I'm Ballerina).


Doreen's MySpace Profile

Ben 10 Promo


Tara's July 2006 San Diego Comic-Con Appearance
Tara sent some stuff in August, including a cool 24 page Ben 10 booklet signed by Tara (Ben/Upgrade), Meagan Smith (Gwen) and Alex Soto (Ben 10's Supervising Producer). Photo added 09/03/06!


San Diego Comic-Con Appearance Photograph

ROGUE (Don't vote for me, vote for Raven!)


Who Would Win? Rogue vs. Raven
A battle is brewing between Teen Titan's Raven and X-Men's Rogue, thanks to the new issue of Disney Adventures. Here at TOTS, there's no doubt, Raven wins by a knock-out aka Tara! Read the article here.


RAVEN (Click here to learn how to vote for me!)

Link to Daytime Emmy Nominations List


Daytime Emmys  Creative Arts Awards 2006
Nominated Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program for her role as Dannan O'Mallard on Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks (Piggley won), Tara looked simply gorgeous at the Emmys!


Link to TOTS Emmy Page and Tara's Gorgeous Photo!

Tara - Toot


I Can't Get Them to Load, But ...
Comedy Central has a bunch of Drawn Together 'Behind the Scenes' videos online including two of Tara: Toot and Princess Clara.  Please eMail a description of the clips or let me know how they are! Thanks!


Tara - Princess Clara



Get the 411 on Tara
The Games Editor at Kidzworld, Adrian Estergaard, has posted a really fantastic article and mini-biography of Tara so kids can learn who's behind the voices of some of their favorite cartoon characters.



Kingdom Hearts 2 Interview


Kingdom Hearts II Video Interview
Hedy Buress (Yuna), Tara Strong & Gwendoline Yeo (Paine) discuss their Final Fantasy X characters' incarnations in Kingdom Hearts II: Check out the interview here to find out what Tara likes about Rikku!


Kingdom Hearts 2 Interview

Lisa's It List w/Tara's Cardio Barre clip


Ever wonder how Tara stays so fit? Her secret is Cardio Barre, a class that utilizes a ballet barre and continual fat-burning motion. Tara is featured in a Cardio Barre story by CBS 2 & KCAL 9's Lisa Joyner for Lisa's "It List" ... the clip is archived here. And a few pics are here.


Tara's clip in CBS 2/KCAL 9's Video Library

Visit Cartoon Network's 'Ben 10' Site!


Ben 10
Tara's new series, Ben 10, is now airing on Cartoon Network. With a clever premise and great animation, the series should be a big hit, so we've added a new Ben 10 Page, plus Ben 10 AIM and MSN icons.


Visit TOTS' 'Ben 10' Page!


Xiaolin Showdown Toys
Toy Play (a division of The Betesh Group) will soon be launching a cool line of Xiaolin Showdown action figures, role-playing games and collectibles, further immortalizing Tara's kickin' character Omi.


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Click Here for Headshot 1


Photographs and Wallpapers
Tara looks absolutely radiant in these headshots by Alan Weissman, don't you think? I've uploaded several different sizes and a couple of wallpapers with various backgrounds, all of which can be found here.


Click Here for Headshot 2

Link to New Raven Autographed Pic


Cool Chanukkah Gift from Tara
Tara totally surprised me with a nice gift package this Chanukkah, which included an ultra-cool piece of animation artwork of Raven from Teen Titans! I've posted a photo and a scan, because I thought that they might make a cool gift for you, too!


Link to Photo to Print


Photo to Print
Tara also sent me a beautiful new photo on 08/26/2005 that, by now, you have seen in various sizes and places on TOTS. I have also uploaded a huge copy
that can be printed out. Decorate your room or mail it to Tara for an autograph.


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Link to .mp3 file of Tara's WebRadio Interview


Web Radio Interview
Tara's interview is still available to download here or at Mike Chemeri's site: Click here to visit Mike's Interviews page! This interview aired on WebRadio WCWP on 09/28/2005 and was pre-recorded 09/08/2005.


Mike Chimeri (Link to Interviews Page)

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