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Happy Holidays 2007
TOTS just celebrated our tenth anniversary! We're happy to still be here to wish you a healthy holiday season and new year! We hope you'll enjoy these photos of the Strong Family and Sammy & Aden.


Maguro Maki of Sushi Pack


Tara is the voice of Maguro on the KEWLopolis show Sushi Pack weekends on CBS. She is the calm, level headed member named after tuna sushi. Maguro's in touch with her inner tuna, and enjoys meditation and Feng Shui. She can float and has psychic powers.


Maguro Maki of Sushi Pack

Strong Family Album -- November 2007


Strong Family Album -- November 2007
New family photographs provided by Tara and Craig, including their dog and new puppy frolicking in their backyard. Check out how big Sammy and Aden have gotten! Time flies when you're having fun!


Strong Family Album -- November 2007

Click to see what CN handed out at San Diego Comic Con 2007


Tara was at San Diego Comic Con on Sunday, July 29, 2007 at the 1:30-2:30 Cartoon Network: Ben-10 Panel Discussion. Alex Soto, Meagan Smith and Tara answered questions, then autographed cool messenger bags and comic books provided by CN.    updated 10/3/07


Click to see what CN handed out at San Diego Comic Con 2006



Show #5261 - Monday, June 25, 2007: Double Jeopardy! $1600 clue in the category "VOICES, I HEAR VOICES..." A: Tara Strong has voiced Timmy Turner of "The Fairly Oddparents" & babies up as this Nick TV show's Dil Pickles. (Q. "What is The Rugrats?")



Cabo San Lucas


"Sorry I've been out of touch, we were in Cabo (again!) to celebrate our seventh anniversary. By the way, I was an "answer" on JEOPARDY! tonight! ME!!! A lot of people called ... but we were just getting back from the airport! I am so tired, so I'll catch up later." -Tara, 6/25/2007


Cabo San Lucas

Tara Strong


Two Cool New Tara Interviews for You
Butch interviews his Fairly Oddparents voice cast in "The Voices of FOP" from The Fairly Odd-Blog by Butch Hartman. Plus, Tara's sister recently posted "An Interview with Tara Strong by Marla Charendoff."


Butch Hartman and Tara Strong

Link to Kingdom Hearts 2 Interview


What Does the Real Tara Sound Like?
One of the questions asked the most is "Which of Tara's character's is the closest to her natural speaking voice?" Listen to the Jakers! and Kingdom Hearts 2 interviews Tara's done and hear for yourself.


Link to Jakers Interview



In Tara's Own Words: TMNT
A MySpace fan wrote in to say Tara deserved a better role in TMNT: "There actually weren't very many female roles and the biggies go to 'real' celebrities! But I totally agree!! XOXO" -Tara Strong, 3/25/2007.



Cool Kitty from Class of 3000


In Tara's Own Words: Cool Kitty on YouTube
"If you [click here] you can watch the video of Cree and I singing for Class of 3000. The song is called Cool Kitty. Anyway, check it out, so cute." -Tara, 3/1/2007. (Better copy of video added: 3/25/2007.)


Cool Kitty from Class of 3000

Blue Dragon's English Release is TBA


In Tara's Own Words: Xbox 360 Game (English Dub)
"I'm working on Blue Dragon. The animation is fantastic, the story intriguing and the characters exciting. I love playing Kluke. She's cute, strong and different. I hope the fans enjoy." -Tara, 2/22/2007.


Tara's Blue Dragon character, Kluke

Fairly OddParents Scoop


In Tara's Own Words: New Episodes to Look For
"Wanna be the first on an inside scoop? After two years, Fairly OddParents just got the green light for twenty more episodes ... they're writing the new ones right now!" -Tara Strong, 2/15/2007.


Click for Larger Image

Chowder - Click for Full Image!


In Tara's Own Words: New Show to Look For
"Chowder is crazy and I absolutely love my character. I'm the old lady with the green glasses. Her name is Truffles [all of them have food names]. The show is soooooo funny!" -Tara Strong, 1/5/2007.


Truffles - Click for Full Image!

Click to Read Transformers Press Release


In Tara's Own Words: New Transformers Cartoon
"Transformers Animated is coming out after the movie release. I predict will be a big hit. I play the only [human] girl, Sari Sumdac. She's not a Transformer ... just a little girl!" -Tara Strong, 1/3/2007.


Click to View Transformers Poster

Take Home Chef


Tara and I would like to thank Frankie for taking the time to submit
a tape of Tara's Take Home Chef episode to TOTS. So far, I have posted several screen grabs from the show and might add video or sounds. You can get the recipes from Tara's episode on TLC's site.


Tara on Take Home Chef

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Fan Art Resources


Fan Work Galleries
Art and photo manipulations created by Tara's fans. Some new art was added on 02/03/2007. Check out the Fan Work Directory and Fan Art Resources pages, then send in your submission to TOTS!


Fan Work

Thank You to Klasky Csupo from E.G. Daily and Tara Strong


Catherine Cavadini, E.G. Daily and Tara Strong Memorabilia
Desktop wallpapers of the adorable ad EG and Tara took out in the trade papers in 2002 to thank Klasky Csupo for "bulding a home for us to grow" and a cool pic autographed by all three Powerpuff Girls.


Photo Signed by All 3 Powerpuff Girls

Whale Watching in Cabo


Chanukkah in Cabo San Lucas
Tara, Craig, Sammy and Aden Strong celebrated the eighth night of Chanukkah, whale watched, swam, splashed and played in the sand in these adorable photos from their recent family vacation in Cabo.


Chanukkah in Cabo

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The Powerpuff Girls - Season One Coming in June


Warner Brothers released the first action-packed season of the PpG series on 06/19/2007. It's a two disc set and includes all 13 full length episodes and these bonuses: 1) Original pilot pitch. 2) Never before seen footage. 3) Commentaries. 4) More. My thanks to Don for info!


The Powerpuff Girls - Season One Coming in June

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