The GBFF's Interview Of
Ms. Tara Charendoff
(Kylie Griffin, Extreme Ghostbusters)

GBFF: What are your plans for the future?
TC: My future plans involve continuing to work in the field I love - new, exciting projects and fun and challenging roles. I would also like to travel a lot more, now that I've had a taste of Europe!

GBFF: Are you doing any roles that we can look for in the future?
TC: I just completed a month of filming in Rome for the up-coming t.v. special, Sabrina Goes To Rome, where I play an endearing British witch named Gwen. It's a great part and a very cute movie. It will be on sometime late September/early October '98. I'm also working on a new animated cartoon series for Hanna Barbera called, The Powerpuff Girls. It's a very silly cartoon with narration about three kindergarden kids created in a lab that are superheros! I play Bubbles. Of course I'm also very excited for the release of the Rugrats film where they introduce my character, Dil.

GBFF: Are there any particular roles you would like to play someday?
TC: I would love to do some big blockbuster film with fun effects and great characters, and I think for me, my favorite genre is comedy. The roles I would like can't really be specified because I would like to try everything, that's one great thing about acting, you get to become all these interesting people and do things you wouldn't normally do. Obviously I would kill for a role like Kate Winslet in Titanic, and I don't think I'd mind kissing Leo!

GBFF: What was it like working with the other Extreme Ghostbusters cast members?
TC: I was so lucky to work with the EGB cast, they were all honestly AWESOME. Jason and Alfonso were on sitcoms at the time, so we had to tape in the evenings. Monday and Wednesday nights, for like 40 episodes, it was like another family, I truly miss it. Everyone loved each other.

GBFF: Are you a fan of the Ghostbusters' movies?
TC: Of course! Whoever didn't love the first one is crazy! I don't have a clear memory of the other, but I loved the first. Lots of fun and imagination.

GBFF: How did you create the voice/personality for Kylie?
TC: When you do an audition for animation, they give you a drawing of the character. The original Kylie drawing looked exactly like me, it was scary. The later version is somewhat different. I knew she had to be from New York, and also mysterious, so I kind of thought, ok ... cool, New York, sexy & smart ... I can do this!

GBFF: Do you believe in the paranormal?
TC: Absolutely, there are too many coincidences and fate-like occurances for there to be nothing. I, also, believe the ones we love who have passed on are always with us.

GBFF: Were the Extreme Ghostbusters characters appearance and/or personalities modeled after the voice actors?
TC: The drawings and character descriptions are always done first. However I do feel the casting people and directors like to cast people who resemble the sketches for realism. Like I previously mentioned, the original Kylie drawing could've been my head shot! Jason and Rino resemble their characters quite a lot. Jason's personality is a lot like Garrett in his strength and sharp wit. Rino is a lot like Eduardo, except he has much more confidence in the dating world (he's a big flirt!).

GBFF: What do you think of all the online and offline Extreme Ghostbusters fandom?
TC: I think it's fantastic, so often as a voice-over actor, there is no recognition for your work. It's not like anyone off the street could stand at a mic and perform, the actors are all very talented and work very hard. Before the Internet phenomenon, actors in animation probably never knew they had fans, except for the few fan letters. It's nice to know what we're doing is appreciated, we're all very proud of the show.

GBFF: Were there any scripts made for Extreme Ghostbusters that were not used?
TC: Not that I'm aware of, although there were lots of new story ideas the writers shared with me.

GBFF: What do you think of the differences between Extreme Ghostbusters and The Real Ghostbusters animated show ('86-'91)?
TC: The EGB's are more hip, it's like the Real Ghostbusters meets Gen-X. I also believe the animation of Extreme GB is far superior.

GBFF: What do you think about the division between some of the fans who ONLY like Extreme Ghostbusters OR The Real Ghostbusters?
TC: Peas and carrots, everyone is entitled to their opinions, it's silly to judge.

GBFF: Did the writers/animators try to make Extreme Ghostbusters a continuation of The Real Ghostbusters, or did they try to make it stand alone?
TC: I don't know the original thought but I would say it was intended to stand alone with respect to it's predecessor.

GBFF: Was there ever any ad-libbed dialogue that was used in the show, or funny dialogue that was later cut, like outtakes?
TC: Jason was a brilliant ad-libber, they kept a lot of his ideas, he's very clever and quick witted. A few of us ad-libbed a little, but for the most part we had to stick to the script.

GBFF: What did you enjoy most about playing the character of Kylie?
TC: I liked playing the only girl, and a strong, clever girl. It was a lot of fun. I also liked the underlying Eduardo romance stuff.

GBFF: Are there any parts of Kylie's personality that are similar to your own?
TC: There's always some part of you, I would say with Kylie it's her sarcasm and interest in learning. I also used to try to talk to my Grandmother who passed away when I was six, I used to leave letters under my pillow for her.

GBFF: Do you think that the attraction between Kylie and Eduardo was mutual, and would they have gotten together if there was another season?
TC: It was definitely mutual and they would have used it in lots of other stories, but I doubt they would ever actually hook up, it makes it more interesting, don't ya think?!

GBFF: Would you and the other voice actors consider playing your Extreme Ghostbusters roles if the characters were written into the planned Ghostbusters movie sequel? ...and would you all reprise your roles if the T.V. show went back into production?
TC: We would all kill to be in the feature, and we would love to do more episodes, so send in fan letters!! Please!!!

GBFF: Are you pleased that the Extreme Ghostbusters show won the annual DREAM (Disability Rights in Entertainment Arts & Media) award from The Western Law Center For Disability Rights (to be officially awarded October 20, 1998 at a fundraiser gala), for it's "positive and exciting" portrayal of Garrett?...and do you think that may influence Sony-Columbia/Tristar's decision on reviving the show?
TC: I'm very proud of that award, I think it's very important for people in wheelchairs to have positive, strong role models, and for the public to see they can be strong. I don't know if the award would influence it's return, I think that has to be done by public demand.

GBFF: What is your favorite of all the voice roles you've ever played? ... and of the live roles?
TC: That's a very difficult question, I have been very lucky and have had lots of cool roles. I love Kylie and Batgirl. I also really like Spot from 101 Dalmations, she's funny and I get to play a lot with her, I crack myself up! As far as on camera, I loved doing Mosquito Lake, but my new favorite is "Gwen" for "Sabrina". It was so much fun to be a witch and my memories of Rome are unbelievable.

GBFF: What kind of things do you like to do in your spare time?
TC: I like to sing, work out, play with my puppy Abbey, learn more Italian! I also want to travel everywhere now and learn everything.

GBFF: Did you ever want to do anything else for a living besides acting?
TC: I honestly knew, when I was three years old, that this is what I wanted to do. Other things interest me, but I would never be happy unless I was acting.

GBFF: Are you still friends with any of the other voice actors from Extreme Ghostbusters?
TC: Absolutely, I go out some times with Rino & Jason, and when I work with Maurice and Billy, we're the best of friends. I see Pat sometimes too, Alfonso is very busy, but I do love him.

GBFF: Do you feel Kylie is a positive role model for young women?
TC: Definitely, she's strong and smart and not obsessed with her self image. I think being an individual is very important and I feel she is.

GBFF: Is there anything about Extreme Ghostbusters that you think could have been done differently to increase its popularity and keep it on the air longer?
TC: They air it in L.A. exactly when the target younger audience begin school. I believe that's what killed it. The kids that see it here have to tape it. It also needed to be publicized more, it's a great show.

GBFF: Are you a fan of animation? ...and what studio produces your favorite?
TC: I've always loved animation. I would say the Disney features are incredible, but the competitors are definitely catching up.


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