A native of Toronto, it all started for Tara Lyn Charendoff when she was the only 4 year old in her class to volunteer to be a soloist in the school production. From there, it was obvious that she had the talent and drive
to be an actress.

Soon she was acting outside the elementary school in the Yiddish Theater. Although she spoke no Yiddish, she memorized her lines phonetically, which presented some problems when the older women wanted to tell her how much they loved her.

Tara performed in "Hello Tel-Aviv" and in "Abi Men Zeyt Zich" (Good To See You). The photo (right) was taken at the Toronto Jewish Theater, when she performed in "A Night Of Stars." Tara was also featured in an audiotape called "Lay Down Your Arms Lo Yisa Goy" with the Habonim Youth Choir, where she sang in both English and Hebrew.

Here's Tara's solo from "Lay Down Your Arms."
Tara in 'A Night Of Stars'

When Tara was 13, she was accepted into a school of the performing arts in Toronto. Her first professional role was "Gracie" in the Limelight Theater's production of "The Music Man." That same year, she booked a guest-starring role on Mr. T's series called "TNT." His first words to her were: "Well, ain't you somethin' else!"

Soon after, Tara got the title role of "Hello Kitty" on "Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater," which led to the opportunity of working in more than 20 animated series. Before she moved from Canada to Los Angeles, she starred in her own CBC sitcom, "Mosquito Lake." Her character's name?  Tara.

The soloist in this video is 17 year old Tara! She was still attending high school in Toronto.

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