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Tara ... as herself (1998)

* VIDEO: There might be a brand new baby character.
AVI format, Zipped
(from "The Making Of The Rugrats Movie")

Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater (1987)
as Hello Kitty

* AUDIO: There's no place like home furry home.
(from "The Wizard Of Paws")

Beetlejuice (1989)
as Clare Brewster / Bertha / Little Miss Warden

* AUDIO: Bertha: You sold all your cookies! (from "Creepy Cookies")
* AUDIO: Clare Brewster: Those little skirts are adorable.
(from "Substitute Creature")
* AUDIO: Little Miss Warden: What we have here is failure to rehabilitate. (from "Snugglejuice")

Super Mario World (1990)
as Hop Koopa

* AUDIO: We're doing an experiment even you'd be proud of
(from "A Little Learning")

Forever Knight (1992)
as Wannabe

* PHOTO: A group of Rebecca's fans being interviewed on TV.
* AUDIO: A really nice way to say thanks, Rebecca.
(from "Dying For Fame")

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (1992)
as Elizabeth

* PHOTO: Collage #1 | Collage #2
* AUDIO: He just needs a little company.
(from "Secret Place")

Tales from the Cryptkeeper (1993)
as Jenny Lawson

* AUDIO: We're not dead ... but they are!
* AUDIO: Yea!
(from "Pleasant Screams")

Gadget Boy and Heather (1995)
as Heather

* AUDIO: This runway's a disaster! (from "The Uncommon Cold")

National Lampoon's Senior Trip (1995)
as Carla Morgan

* PHOTO: Carla Morgan
* PHOTO: Collage #1 | Collage #2
* AUDIO: Betcha never made moves like this in your Chess club.
* AUDIO: It's not too late to save others.

101 Dalmatians: The Series (1996)
as Spot

* AUDIO: I wish my head worked as good as my mouth.
(from "Two Faces Of Anita")

The Real Adventures Of Johnny Quest (1996)
as Kazrina

* AUDIO: You must save us. We can not leave. There is no way out.
(from "Ice Will Burn")

Angry Beavers (1997)
as Nurse Trudy

* AUDIO: A brain is a terrible thing to waste.
(from "Fakin' It")

Batman: Gotham Knights (1997)
as Barbara Gordon / Batgirl

* AUDIO: Barbara Gordon: Dad will love it. (from "Holiday Knights")
* AUDIO: Batgirl: Shoot the Santa. (from "Holiday Knights")
* VIDEO: as Batgirl (from "Mean Seasons") MOV format, 2.4 Mb
* VIDEO: as Barbara Gordon (from "Girl's Nite Out") MOV, 2.1 Mb
Video clips come from the Official Batman: Gotham Knights website.

Extreme Ghostbusters (1997)
as Kylie Griffin

* AUDIO: My name is Kylie ... and I'm here to help you.
(from "Seeds Of Destruction")

Gadget Boy's Adventures In History (1997)
as Heather

* AUDIO: That's a!
(from "Hot Time In The Old Cave Tonight")

Rugrats (1997)
as Timmy McNulty / Teddy McNulty

* AUDIO: Teddy McNulty: I didn't find any dead lizard.
* AUDIO: Timmy McNulty: They're training for the 'Lympics.
(from "The 'Lympics")

Sabrina Goes To Rome (1998) (TVM)
as Gwen

* PHOTO: Collage #1 | Collage #2
* PHOTO: Collage #3 | Collage #4
* AUDIO: Oh, frizzle! | Wicked!
* AUDIO: Alberto who with my heart does play ...

Sabrina The Teenage Witch (1998)
as Molly Dolly

* AUDIO: I'm a Molly Dolly ... and I'm gonna get you!
* AUDIO: Sarcasm not sold separately.
* AUDIO: The knife, I mean the night has just begun.
(from "Good Will Haunting")

The Powerpuff Girls (1998)
as Bubbles

* AUDIO: Nice try Seducia, but the game's over.
* AUDIO: Woman Neighbor: I baked you a pie. -guest role-
(from "Mommy Fearest")

The Rugrats Movie (1998)
as Dylan "Dil" Pickles

* AUDIO: [Dil crying]
* AUDIO: [Dil hiccups]
* AUDIO: Poopie! (with E.G. Daily)

Scooby Doo on Zombie Island (1998) (V)
as Lena DuPrais

* AUDIO: The road's a little bumpy.

Can Of Worms (1999)
as Lula

* AUDIO: Coming with me would be a big blast!

Nickelodeon's Kids Choice 1999 Awards Show (1999)
as announcer

* AUDIO: A commercial announcing who is scheduled to appear on the show.
* AUDIO: Coming up ... when the 12th Annual Kids Choice Awards continues.

Commercial for the first "Snick House" of 2000
as announcer

* AUDIO: Nickelodeon commercial for the first "Snick House" of the year 2000 (1/5/2000)
* AUDIO: Tara saying "Y2K is A-OK" (Excerpt from the above commercial)

Rugrats (1999)
as Dylan "Dil" Pickles

* AUDIO: Mine! (from "Chuckie's Duckling")

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