June 2 1987

I won the 2nd commercial (Knight Security Systems.) John Barton called me on May 27 & told me I had a "callback" that the project had been shelved but now was imminent & that I & one other lady were up for it. He then told me he needed the demo - as H.P. would have it - the majority of the demo had been recorded on May 21 - all but the "doubles" which where already scheduled for that evening! I told him I probably wouldn't have the demo before the next week - he said that was too late & did I have anything else on myself - I said nothing I could get my hands on. Then he asked me who had done the engineering - I told him Ron McCoy - who was an old buddy of his! No coincidences. He told me he'd call Ron & arrange for a tape to be put together. He did - that very day - as Ron told me that evening.

Then, I got a call from John on June 1 saying after he had heard the demo - that I should have it. He expounded on my range & talent. He said I would be hearing from him before the end of the day. I had decided since Janet needed some MVRs ASAP (for the next morning) I should stay late & do them. Because I did this, I was led to pick up the nite line @ 5:18 pm - of course it was Hohn & he told me I had it - He seemed surprised that I was surprised. He also said the man I'd be working w/ Richard Condon? would be a good blend w/ my voice & I'd probably want to use the spot for my demo. So I know I'll be getting a copy. I'll leave my address w/ John (requesting a cassette.) He said they added a tag for me - which ups the price to $250.00. It should be about an hour session. I couldn't sleep much the night before - hopefully, this will not happen again! I've turned it over to God & am taking Him with me! I called Kat (to thank her) & Lou (to tell her.) Caffeine @ Lola's.

Session took 45 mins! Unusual in that the client was also the copy writer. I was able to say honestly what good, realistic copy it was.

I gave 'em what they wanted on the 1st read. I had been thinking "violation" - I was upset all the way thru - client wanted me to get determined when copy said "my husband decided it would never happen again" (something to that effect.) I noted how "young" I sounded. They asked me to try it "older" - I did. But they went w/ the "younger" sound. They were very happy. Me, too. All full of compliments for me.

I was told to "invoice" them for the session fee. John Barton gave me his card. I did so next day.

June 10 1987

I hold myself tense - in my stomach - almost constantly - it's what I do automatically whenever I need to do something/perform a chore I hate/do some stressful thing - so now it's crept into all else. I "gird myself" for everything, for "battle," with life, with myself.