3rd Audition from Kathy Levin @ Voicecasters
Mountain High Yogurt (called by Pam)

2-spot val & sis (college-age.) I was originally called for the straight part - but of course, I do vals - great! - I knew as soon as I asked Pam what the spot was about that I would at least ask if I could also read the val. Worst they can say is "no." On the way out there, I thought of ways to do this - & came up with - in character - Natch! - "Oh my God, like, Pam, could I also read the val?" I figured it was Pam who would direct. Well, I intro'd myself to Pam - "We met @ Kat Lehman's a few months ago." She was nice & she told me it was up to Kathy, who was directing. Well, I felt better already. I asked Kathy (I had wanted to go to my car & try it on tape - but thought "1st things 1st)" who was standing there chatting w/ ma & sm. boy - she said sure - but asked if I was on a tight sched. w/ work & all - she asked if I could stick around. I said sure. Then, the other actress arrived (I had gone out to my car & tried unsuccessfully to load the batteries ... sigh!) - turned out to be Nancy Cartwright whose face (only) I recognized from UCLA. I intro'd myself - asking if she went to UCLA - yep. I asked her if she wanted to try it - we went outside (my suggestion) & did - I suggested - who are we? where? etc. We ran thru - I saved my "whammy lines" for the actual audition. Maybe not fair? ...

Then in we went. I read straight 1st. Lots of chit-chat about houses betw. her & Kathy. I felt "apart from." Pam, I saw, was also in the booth w/ Kathy & participated in chit-chat, too. It was Nancy who stopped it by saying "I don't want to take up all your time." 1st run-thru. Kathy liked it. Nancy broke up at my calling her "Buffy." Nancy complimented me. Kathy gave us direction to make it more real - throw-away/intimate dialogue - I'm just home from college, etc. Be more dry. Started to lay down another - but Nancy was too dry - we began again. 2nd take. It was good. I was eating the yogurt on 1st line. Dipping spoon in, etc *barely audible - realistic. Then we said our "farewells."

Nancy stayed longer than I chatting.

Then I practiced the val - added some lines & thought about the direction of being more real with it as she had done w/ Nancy. The girl I would be reading w/ next came in. We said hello. I wasn't sure who it would be - so I didn't read it thru w/ her yet. When we went into the booth, we did (my idea.) Kathy caught tail-end. Said it was fine & to lay one down. The girl said to me in private that she was told on the phone she'd be reading the val - I said, oh I just read the other & she could do the same. She didn't ask & just left afterward. Not competitive. We laid down 1st one. I loved my voice-quality. Then got some direction - she to be more 'annoyed' w/ sis & just to be more 'real' for me - general. We did 2nd one. I didn't come in fast enuf w/ my ending line - as a result, I got cut off.* I didn't want to impose by asking to do it again - so I let it go by. Oh, one word "yogurt" in 1st take jarred me - too much "oeue" sound in it. Oh, well. All in all, I wished Id've thought to add "I'm sure" to the end of my dialogue (end of spot, really) & to have been more forceful on the "yeah" I threw in. I was careful not to duplicate every added line. *If I had written the words darker - I would've been on time - I didn't want it to show on copy after I erased it ... c`est la vie. I had written "c'mon" and "get real" for end. Oh well. I felt (perhaps not correctly - for this spot) I could've gone overboard more w/ val(?)