4th Audition - Oldsmobile (group spot)

I got a call from Abrams, Rubaloff ... very nice gal (I was jarred & didn't get her name) {Lisa}.
She asked if I had taken Lou's workshop & said Lou had recommended me. They're looking for new voices for this spot.

Audition @ Voicecaster Monday June 22 10:45 am.

I arrived book in hand & did the relaxation exercizi suggested. Then went in & got copy. Wasn't real clear 'til later what they wanted & only half-assed committed to "my picture" of it. My feeling about the scene (engineers in board room smoking/having coffee after a lengthy design session) was corroborated by Linda at Voicecaster, who taped us. I suggested we run thru it all once when we got to the booth. It was me & two men. One was very natural & quite a good actor. The other was "eh" (so-so) I thought a little too "dees dems & dos" for the character. I was O.K. - just O.K. I needed more/I was much too timid about my choices to do everything - but most especially about not making "ums" & "uh-hums" & "You're right" "it is a beautiful car"-type ad-libs while others talked. We all started cookin' 'round about take 3! Too late, I'm afraid. Also, I asked Kathy what the words meant (the "zincromesh," etc. blurb about the car - she didn't know - but I should've posed it to Linda, too. I needed to have been much more matter-of-fact when using those humungous words. I "cheated" 'cause I wanted another shot at getting to read that bit again (even though Linda said if we "flub" a line, to keep on going - I deliberately stopped - I had forgotten to read a word - I didn't want to leave it that way - I did it again). She may have gone back to that script again had I not stopped - she had done it with one of the guys when he said "ration" instead of "ratios" - I don't think so, tho' - she wasn't thrilled ...

I had originally looked at the other 1/2 of the script where it described the pictures seen on-screen over the script - & played with warmth 'cause of boy & dad washin' car & having a bit of a water-fight ... I also could've varied my reads on each script (maybe one with a modified Mary Wilson sound, etc.). Oh, well - a "good learning experience" - right? At least Kathy remembered me. God's in charge.