5th Audition - Pacific Sod - July 24 1987

Janey Tuttleman at Abrams (my agent now) called & told me she'd sign me - "We'd love to sign you!" She also said she has something in for a slight Southern accent. I was so excited that I forgot to ask what it was for. She called later to tell me to bring my passaporte (proof of citizenship). So I told her I was so excited ... she told me it's for grass sod - a woman who had 2 grown kids & loves & is proud of her lawn. I had no trouble with the accent at all - very slight regionality. But I wasn't "seeing the coffee cup" & "sitting back gazing relaxed at my expanse of lawn." I need to loosen up there. They'll usually give ample time to read it thru, especially if early. When I heard another lady read it - so relaxed & lower - I thought she'd get it ... ?

6th Audition - Knudsen

Lisa Schwab called from agent - she said Voicecaster is the place & Knudsen (cheeses) is the product. I felt very good - 'cause I made definite choices about who I was. A Val first - then, because my voiceprint was very similar to the one of another actress I read with - I went lower & sexy. Bob Lloyd looked thrilled - he gave me the "high-sign." He said we should stay ('cause we were so good - a joke? Or was he serious?) for another actor (the announcer) to read with us. The other actress reading with me said I'd better go back to being "higher" - as technically she was the "woman" & I the "girl" - so I did. Wrong decision? I feel I should have it ... we'll see ... Bob definitely was happy - I go in to read for Winnie the Pooh's mom a day later!