"Liquor Barn" - Abrams - July 29 1987

I read with Ron Masak (who'll be my "pardner" on the session for Vanguard Bank) - he & I were intro'd & right off he said let's go in & run thru it. (good!) We did - I felt intimidated - a familiar face & I felt so "green" - anyhoo - when I let myself go, I did just fine. (I had heard a couple of the takes that Lou & Jay Thomas ran down before I went in & tried not to listen - I wanted to grab some different ideas). I did use one of their ideas, though - leaving in the "excuse me, ma'am" when it was him & "excuse me, sir" when it was me. I also played two different characters (as they did). We tried it & I adapted my Jewish lady to his Jewish guy - she was the 1st character. then I was a sexy girl coming on to the reporter. Cute. (I realized I could've mentioned getting together for a magnum of champagne - It's a great idea when "improv-ing" to use the product whenever possible! I realize now! This was definitely IMPROV! Then, I was the reporter & was very warm. Then got intimidated* by the "nasty" man-in-the-street (who "stubbornly" remained the same man - I could've suggested he change, it now occurs to me!) just like in real life - I never quite know how to handle a nasty person!

*Some good lines came out of my "gut response" - "this is my first day!" etc. I should work on this (character & in real life, too!)

"Soap Opera" - Abrams - July 29 1987

Very cute piece. I don't know what it was for, but could've asked. I realize now that I didn't really read it all the way through! My part was sandwiched between 2 male pieces of copy! Even though it was a dialogue, I read alone. First, I went "all out" with it - really "poured it on", then, Lisa suggested I make it more real. My visualization was I was speaking to my "true love" & it really sounded different! Yeah! I liked the way "it's you I love!" came out! (after I heard it played back!) - wasn't "listening" to myself - was "in the moment!"

Disney's Winnie the Pooh Special
"Cartoon" - Voicecaster - July 29 1987

My agent said it's Pooh's mom - or so I thought. It was actually Christopher Robin's mom. But the voice I thought I'd use was the "Mary Wilson" - adaptable for either. They (agent) said "warm", board said "warm", Kathy said "throw it away/not goopy/hip comtemporary mom". Well! I was really thrown - but took the direction anyhow. A pisser. Gonna ask Lou about it ...