"Eagle Premiere" (Chrysler) - Voicecaster - August 4 1987 "group"

My character (which I "got" on the 3rd take) was an exec over the man I talked to. A perfectionist. Every hair in place. Perfectly groomed, flawless. I could really hear the difference between my read & those of the others (especially the men) - mine was lacking "presence" - all that I needed to do was choose the character & "see" what was happening. A fleeting thought was "Gosh, it's a bitch being creative". I felt it was a pain making up ad-libs at that time.* Then I changed my attitude (I think I was just afraid & couldn't come up with some good dialogue, really!) I used the actor's name - a no-no? (for this spot, I mean?) "I'm not satisfied, let's go over it again, Frank." (or "It's got to be right" etc.)

* & that cartoons would be so much "easier, 'cause they're scripted" - probably I'm totally wrong!

"Plants" (Vanguard Bank) - August 4 1987 with Ron Masak

He teased me a lot about my outfit - NEVER again!

Anyhow - I was 15 mins early - but they had called in a few mins before I arrived to try to make the spot - I'll be a half-hour early next time! Then we ran through it a few times including once in cartoonie voices - Ron laughed at my voice. I was so nervous that I spilled my water all over my purse & on the rug - I had put it in a very unstable place (the copy-stand) where it was sure to spill! Oops!

The engineer cleaned it up. Then the patch came thru. We wore headsets/phones & could talk to Mark Johnson from the agency directly thru the mikes. He was very nice. We made him laugh when we said "hello." Then he told Ron to "do it just like you did it in the audition" & me - there really IS a female bank manager in the Florida branch - I'm her - NOT a spokesperson - flustered, but not hysterical. He told me he loved my tape. Then he said to run one down. We did. We were too slow on time. He said to loosen up & really get into it, too. We did. (Thanks to the grace of God) Still too long. (Oh, I had also asked Ron when I first arrived if they wanted an accent - he said the airplay would be in Florida - didn't think so, & I had asked Mark how to pronounce "Dwarf Scheflaera" - he told me & then said I was free to substitute any other "funny" plant name - I didn't - he said they had originally wanted to use "Wandering Jew" but it was to controversial.) Ron said "Oh, we can bring it in to time." We did another & made it in :54 (I really speeded up - which helped my "flustered attitude.") He (Mark) said he was impressed - that we'd obviously rehearsed for this. He told me he'd be sending the spot to Janie - so she can take a dub for me. He asked us if we were satisfied. I felt I was (sort of took my cue from Ron but also felt I didn't want to be self-indulgent - Mark seemed ready to call it a day) & so did Ron. So it was "a wrap."

Now came the tricky part - the damned "Member Report" forms! We signed the damp one I had brought with me (Ron was quite pleased I had brought one) & then I gave the engineer a copy & prepared to skedaddle. I got to the car & realized I didn't have signature of "employer." So I went back in to the engineer & asked if he would sign it in lieu of Mark Johnson. He said he couldn't, that I should ask Tom (a mngr, I guess - real cute!) I did. Tom said to give him all the forms but my copy & they'd mail it along with the tape to the client/agency. I was hesitant - but he said it's faster - I'll get paid really quickly & AFTRA will get it ASAP. I gave him the forms & split.

"Totino's Pizza" - Abrams - August 5 1987

Had "an" audition for Totino's Pizza - a mother, warm. Turned out to be 3 spots - 2 for Totino's (yes - "real" warm wife 20-35 sounding) and one "announcer from Hell!" The other was for an Epcot center attraction. This last I handled beautifully - so much so that Lisa said I should get this one - and, yes, I should! ˇOjalá!

The voice from Hell I chose to do first. I came up with a combination - Darth Vadar-ish breathing and menacing voice - wild - then extreme temptress, then at the end a vicious shriek. Lisa laughed - I joked "My problem is I'm too shy!" She had commented that she wished I could "let go & get into it more". Then I wanted to try this another way, but I didn't want to waste their time & I couldn't be "different" enough (I figured) to give it a shot. So we went on to the next spot - the warm mom/wife, lots of ums & ad-libs here 'n there. It was O.K. I felt better about the 1st one ... I did it twice. One take real & the other slight "Mary Wilson?"

Then we did Epcot center (which I mis-pronounced on 1st take as "Epco"). Lisa asked if I had said "Epcot" - I should have asked how to pronounce it ... I knew this! - on that take - I said nope - so we had to go over the take. I "warmed" it up a little more & as I said - it was exactly what they had described they were looking for ... we'll see ...

I asked if I could keep the copy - Lisa said sure - anything you want you can take. They're so nice! Then Lisa kissed me & gave me a hug.