Jem - Wally Burr North. - August 17 1987

(I read for Rapture & Minx) I had gotten description from my agent. I was very early. Didn't go upstairs 'til 1/2 hr before my audition. I did warm-ups in car. Went up & got copy (for Astral & Minx) went in restrm to practice. Made notes in pencil on copy. When Wally poked his head out, he asked me how my German accent was - without thinking I said "perfect" (he said - "Oh, arrogant - just like the Germans.") that I had been studying my native German friends' speech. Another actor who overheard said he had been told his "perfect" Russian accent wasn't believable. Wally said that one woman who read (spoke German at home to her husband) didn't get it because same reason. If I'm meant to get it, I will!

Anyhow, I went in. He had me read thru Minx first. (He wanted me to read Rapture instead of Astral - I did have time to look over the copy first & mark it.) I feel as though not much came out the first time (although maybe this was partly due to his direction?) He stopped me as I was getting started the second time - he did it again the third - & gave direction. It made sense. He said I really enjoyed playing with this reporter, & that he just wants "more" - that I was on the right track. He also said if he wasn't interested, he'd just let me continue & get out. I felt better hearing that. I got "too giggly" on the last line - he said be more mature - Marlene Dietrich. I went w/ the direction. I hope it came thru.

The second read (Rapture) he told me quite a bit about what he wanted me to do - after he heard the 1st 2 lines. I like that. His ideas were good, & I took the directions well. She starts out rushing 'cause any minute they might come into room - then she gets into her "psychic mode" then "gypsy" then he looks like hes coming out of her spell - she's flustered & loses character - then back to "psychic mode" (no accent) then "triumph!" in her own voice then "hey asshole" (more angry than "you jerk" as I overheard someone else do it.) then "Bye!" (Wally liked it - 2 takes.)

"Air Conditioning Museum" - August 18 1987 2:30 pm

I had one line.* (have kept copy) I did it 3 ways - straight then Mary Wilson then New Yorker. I switched OK from 1st to 2nd - but when I got to New Yorker, I didn't "hit" it immediately. So, I asked if I could do it again. I ran over JUST the New Yorker. It was all there that time. I don't think I gave myself enough time! I read the line in 3 different characters - but I read it the same way each time! I was "line reading" again ... wouldn't it be funny if I got it? I know I can THINK more & do better. I didn't change into the character ENOUGH. Just the vocal part.

*My mistake - it wasn't "important enuf" to me ... I'd still get the full session fee! It's a job! Who cares if it's not the main character?!!

On the way home tonite, I saw a van (yellow) w/ a bumper sticker (blue background, white letters & border - god I have a good memory! When I WANT to have) It said: "Tommy did it." It was rather small (like me! Ha Ha) but NOTICEABLE & I was "hooked" - I almost called out to the driver "Hey, what'd ya do?" Who's Tommy? It got me thinking (a cancer-ridden child who's now healthy? Someone won the pennant?) Which got me thinking ... could be a good promotion. "Mary Kay did it" (ie: got the agent/got the Clio award/got the nat'l spot/etc.) or It's Mary Kay or Mary Kay WHO? or Mary Kay's got it ...