Kobe Bryant celebrate his retirement by training at 4 AM

3 Crazy Training Stories from Kobe Bryant, Proof That He’s One of the Best in the World

Bryant managed to maintain good form at the top level during his two decades in the NBA. This is none other than because Kobe is a person who is crazy about training.

Kobe Bryant is an NBA superstar. But that doesn’t stop ‘Black Mamba’ from working hard in training. Practicing and working hard do go hand in hand with success, this is evident not only in the case of Kobe Bryant and his basketball career. You will be successful if you practice and work hard anywhere, whether in school, work, owning a business venture, even in terms of playing gambling games. Basketball is one of the favorite sports in sportsbook, the analytic is coming from SBOBET as the leading in Asia Sports Online Gambling. The rise of basketball sportsbook was when Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal are in LA Lakers.

There were three moments when Kobe Bryant’s madness was revealed by his teammates.

Here are three of Kobe Bryant’s workout-crazy stories:

1. Kobe Bryant Broke His Arm and Still The First One to Come to Training

John Celestand never forgets that he always loses quickly when it comes to training for the Los Angeles Lakers. Celestand had tried to arrive 1.5 hours before practice time, but Kobe Bryant was already there.

On one occasion, Kobe Bryant’s right arm was broken in an exhibition match. Celestand thought he could finally arrive earlier than Kobe Bryant.

“I thought I could finally beat Kobe Bryant in the next practice. I went to the gym and I heard a ball bounce. Who was that?” said Celestand.

“It turned out to be Kobe, he’s been training in the gym. Then with his right hand in a cast, he practiced shooting and dribbling with his left,” Celestand added.

2. Kobe Bryant Training Hard Before The Game

Jay Williams reveals an unforgettable story as he prepares to face the LA Lakers in regular competition. At that time the Lakers were the defending champions and Jay chose to train four hours before the game to get the best preparation.

However, Jay saw that Kobe Bryant was already on the field. When Jay had rested, Kobe Bryant was still training.

Jay still remembers that Kobe Bryant didn’t train casually but in a serious fashion.

Kobe Bryant’s strenuous training doesn’t affect his stamina while competing. Kobe Bryant scored 40 points and brought the Lakers to victory in that game.

Kobe Bryant’s comments to Jay after the game left Jay in awe.

“Because I saw you coming and I want you to know that no matter how hard you train, I will work harder than you. You inspire me to be better,” said Jay.

3. Bosh and Wade Getting Ready For Breakfast, Kobe Bryant Has Been Practicing For Three Hours

Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade had a relaxing day as they prepared for their training camp with the United States national team.

They went downstairs and got ready for breakfast before being startled by the presence of Kobe Bryant who had already wrapped his knee in ice. His body was already sweating.

“Where did he come from?” said Bosh.

“Everyone just woke up. We’re still stretching and yawning, but he’s been training for three hours,” said Wade.

The incident made Bosh and Wade think.

“I feel really bad. What is he trying to prove? But I know he’s just doing the routine he does. We’re all big players in the NBA, in the Olympic squad. But Kobe put himself on a different level from day one.” said Bosh.

“We all sat down and thought. “Guys, I have to re-evaluate everything we do as players,” said Wade.