Basketball Techniques

4 Basic Basketball Techniques from Passing to Shooting

Among the many types of sports, basketball is one of the most popular sports. In fact, you can easily find a basketball hoop in a park near your home. This is also the reason why many people like to spend the weekends playing basketball, either with family or even close relatives.

In order for the game to be fun, you should not play basketball carelessly. Before finally learning complicated basketball playing techniques, it would be better if you practice playing skills by learning basic basketball techniques. If you are already proficient, then you can explore more about other techniques. Are you curious about what basic techniques you should master? Check out the following reviews.

1. Passing Technique (Passing the Ball)

Passing the ball or passing is one of the basic techniques that you must master for the first time. Given that basketball is a team sport that must be played by relying on cooperation. The more reliable you are in passing the ball to a teammate, you can be sure you can win the match more easily.

Good passing is done quickly, with direction, and not too hard. Passing too hard will only make it difficult for your team to catch the ball. It’s a shame if, in the end, the opposing team catches your pass. In basketball, passing is divided into several types, namely chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass, baseball pass, and hook pass.

2. Catching Technique (Catching the Ball)

Besides being able to pass the ball, make sure you also don’t forget to master the technique of catching the ball. That way, you can be more prepared and alert every time a team player passes the ball towards you. Catching the ball can be done with one or two hands. Make sure your hands are relaxed while preparing to catch the ball. Don’t forget to always pay attention to where the ball is coming from.

3. Dribbling Technique (Dribbling)

The term dribbling is not only used in football but also in basketball. Through this technique, basketball players can dribble into the opponent’s ring. The better the dribbling technique you master, you can easily outwit your opponent and prepare for offensive action. To make your body more comfortable doing dribbling, make sure you stand with your body leaning slightly forward. Instead of hitting the ball with your hands, simply bounce the ball using your fingers.

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4. Shooting Techniques (Shooting the Ball)

Shooting is one technique that you should master well. By mastering this technique, you can easily shoot a basketball at the hoop and add points to the team. The right timing is the key to success in shooting. In order for your shooting skills to be more trained, special exercises are needed to be carried out regularly. After successfully practicing close-up shooting, there’s nothing wrong if you also practice long-distance shooting. The farther you shoot the ball, you can get bigger points, you know!

Among the list of basic techniques mentioned above, which one have you mastered skillfully? To make the experience of playing basketball even more exciting and comfortable, make sure you use a ball that is intended for playing basketball.

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