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The Richest NBA Club in the World

From the quality of athletes, the popularity of a club will also increase. Not only his popularity, his income, and wealth also increased. Intrigued by the richest basketball club in the world? Let’s take a peek at the following list:

  1. New York Knicks – US $ 4 Billion

The first richest basketball club in the world is the New York Knicks. Where the wealth of this American club is reaching USD 4 billion. The basketball athletes in the club, founded in 1946, are also highly qualified and talented, so it’s no wonder this club is always at the forefront.

Not only that, during the competition in the NBA league, this club was able to collect the NBA title twice. For his income, New York Knick is about 376 million dollars.

  1. Los Angeles Lakers – US $ 3.7 Billion

LA Lakers Team

The next richest basketball club in the world is the Los Angeles Lakers. The club, which was founded in 1946, has always been a strong competitor with the Golden State Warriors. This is the club that Kobe Bryant played for his entire career. The reason is they not only want to compete regarding the number of points but also wealth. How much wealth does this club have?

Currently, the Los Angeles Lakers have a wealth of at least USD 3.7 billion. In fact, if the manager of this club does not have much drama, his wealth could increase. The reason is, this club is known for a lot of drama so that its assets have decreased.

  1. Golden State Warriors – US $ 3.5 Billion

The next richest basketball club in the world is the Golden State Warriors. Where this basketball club always brings a trophy every time there is a match. Not only that, the wealth of this club reaches USD 3.5 billion.

Where does the income come from? Golden State Warriors became the richest basketball club in the world, where his fortune was derived from the sale of match tickets, jerseys and sponsorship contacts. How not, the club managed by Joe Lacob and Peter Guber has revenue of USD 401 million per year.

  1. Chicago Bulls – US $ 2.5 Billion

Chicago Bulls Team

Being ranked fourth, the Chicago Bulls is also one of the best basketball clubs in the world. Founded in 1966, this club was able to win the NBA title 6 times. Not only that, but this club has also been strengthened by one of the greatest basketball players of all time, namely Michael Jordan. Because of their great reputation, many online gambling company want to be their sponsor. One of them is CityClubCasino which is infamous as situs judi slot online terbaik in South East Asia that provides many option of betting such as Nba Betting Sportsbook,

For his own wealth, the Chicago Bulls club has a value (current value) of US 2.5 billion, with revenues of approximately USD 232 million.

  1. Boston Celtics – US $ 2.2 Billion

Founded in 1946, the Boston Celtics are included in the list of the world’s richest basketball clubs. In fact, if seen from the achievements, this club has been able to win the NBA title at least 17 times, as well as the club that holds the most NBA titles to date.

So don’t be surprised too, if this club can have a fortune of USD 2.2 billion, with an income of around USD 200 million.

The amount of NBA athletes’ income from the basketball shoe endorsement

Not getting income and wealth from the club, some of the world’s famous basketball athletes also get income from NBA players’ basketball shoe endorsement. The reason is, basketball shoes have now become a fashion culture, where anyone who wears them has their own pride.

In addition, well-known sports shoe manufacturers are also willing to invest heavily in NBA basketball athletes as a great marketing tool. Call it like the Nike shoe manufacturer who collaborated with Michael Jordan, where Nike and Jordan have mastered this marketing field.

Michael Jordan, who comes from the legendary club of Chicago Bulls and UNC, at least gets a fortune of up to the US $ 130 million or around Rp1, 8 trillion, even though he is no longer active. The reason is, Jordan shoes are considered a fashion trend, especially the coolest sneakerhead in the world.

Even though it is retired, Nike Air Jordan shoes’ popularity is unlikely to disappear; it will continue. Moreover, Nike continues to innovate and continues to invest in developing its products in this field.