Unique Facts About Kobe Bryant!

Unique Facts About Kobe Bryant!

It is undeniable that the figure of Kobe Bryant is quite influential in the NBA world.

This certainly brings deep sorrow to basketball lovers for the news of Bryant’s death in a helicopter crash on Sunday (26/1/2020) local time.

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Various world celebrities also gave in-depth remarks on social media after this tragedy.

As a world basketball player, Bryant has a number of interesting facts. About anything? The following is the review.

1. Win an Oscar

Los Angeles Lakers basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, won the 2018 Oscar.

Bryant received an Oscar for his contribution as screenwriter for the animated short film Dear Basketball by director Glen Keane.

This award made Bryant the first athlete to win an Oscar award.

2. Bequeathed 28 Trillion Business

Retiring from the sport of basketball that has made his name, Bryant has entered the world of investing.

Bryant has formed a partnership with venture capitalist Jeff Stibel to launch a $ 100 million investment fund company.

Currently, a company called Bryant Stibel has assets of more than US $ 2 billion or around Rp.28 trillion with investments in dozens of technology, media and data companies.

Bryant Stibel claims to have 10 successful investments, including Dell and Alibaba. Then at Fortnite Epic Games, digital payment company Klarna and household product company The Honest Company. Kobe is also known as the owner of several biggest casino in LA. Furthermore, he is also owns some online gambling site like slot thailand which gives him profits even more.

3. Love the Italian Super Car

Kobe was actually born in the United States, but he grew up in Italy. This is what makes him really like Italian supercars like Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Noted he owns several types of these vehicles, starting from the Ferrari 458 Italia and the F430, as well as the Lamborghini Murcielago and Aventador.

4. His Last Tweet for LeBron James

Kobe Bryant’s last tweet before his death was dedicated to LeBron James, who had just passed his points record during his career in the NBA.

Los Angeles star (LA Lakers), LeBron James, has just passed Kobe Bryant’s points achievement.

To be precise, when James led his colleagues to visit the Wells Fargo Center, the headquarters of the Philadelphia 76’ers, Saturday (25/1/2020) local time.

Realizing that his achievements were being overlooked, Kobe humbly congratulated his successor at the LA Lakers club.

“Keep going forward in the @KingJames match. Greetings to my brother # 33644,” wrote Kobe on his Twitter account.